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EpicBot Public Beta is released - Download it now! [IMPORTANT - READ]


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Hello everyone!

The entire team here at EpicBot has been working hard to get our first beta version ready for some early testing. We still have a lot of work to do and will be working on things over the next few weeks as well, but this is a good sample taste of what we're doing and where we're going. Please note that the bot is beta and this is currently our injection mode, so bot safely and do not abuse! We will be working on EpicBot Echo mode over the next month and will have updates on that next month. Again, this is a really early stage alpha/beta for you guys to test things out on, and start developing scripts on your own.

Here is a little update on what is working/finished in this live public beta:
- Injection Mode
- Mouse Settings w/Custom Mouse Profiles: The mouse system which is very very customizable. You can effectively dictate speed profiles and from there you can customize motion, flow and flow pattern, speed, and overshoots. 
- Account Manager (add/edit/remove and delete accounts) with key encryption.
- Premium scripts (made free for testing)
- Client Tabs with support for individual proxying
- Easy to use GUI
- Low Resource Usage (pretty damn low!)
- Proxy Support for all tabs
- Dax Walker integration
- Forum authentication / Auto Login (logging into the client via your forum account)
- Loader that supports heap size settings and hardware acceleration that also serves as downloading the latest updates.
- Developer and debug tools (Widget Explorer, Vars Explorer)
- Script Loading

Coming soon (mid to late December):
- Break System/Task Scheduler: Originally this was supposed to be a very simple break system (and it would've been done already if it stayed that way). However, the idea is to turn it into an advanced breaking system that allows you to schedule tasks along with breaking is currently the direction we'd like to go. It's a lot more advanced than a normal breaking system and we think our users will find it beneficial.

Private Scripts: 
- As of right now, we are not allowing private scripts to be sold in any way, shape, or form. We are still working out local script access and how we can keep things fair, but as of right now, we request that no one attempt to sell any private scripts of any kind until a further announcement is made. Yes, we will allow it, but under our terms, and right now we ask that any talented scripters instead work on pushing scripts for the community! There will be a further announcement made on private script sales soon. Anyone caught selling a private script will be permanetely banned on site, client, and the discord. Thanks.

Special Thanks:
 To @Suko @Chet @Koala @Proto @Krulvis @Wildkilla @Eran @Euan @Sean and the many beta testers who've went over and beyond to help us, including @Sellout @smile @Mansnothot @Nub and the many others who've helped in any way, shape, or form. This is just the beginning of something great. If I missed anyone, im sorry this was written in haste to get this out as soon as possible. 

DOWNLOAD: https://www.epicbot.com/download.php
JAVA DOCShttps://epicbot.com/javadocs/juice/

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