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  1. Gotcha. I'll take a look, thanks!
  2. Koala

    Pro Hunter

    Yup. It's free to test for the time being.
  3. Will add it 🙂
  4. Koala

    Pro Hunter

    Nice work!
  5. That might be the first Beaver pet on the new version. Congrats!
  6. Pro Herblore Current Features: 🐨 Supports All Herbs 🐨 🐨 Supports All Potions🐨 🐨 Multiple Cleaning Patterns 🐨 🐨 Custom Cleaning Speed🐨 🐨 Stop conditions 🐨 🐨 Profiles 🐨
  7. Pro Woodcutter Current Features: 🐨 Popular location support 🐨 🐨 Supports all trees🐨 🐨 Supports banking 🐨 🐨 Supports dropping🐨 🐨 Supports fletching🐨 🐨 Stop conditions 🐨 🐨 Profiles 🐨
  8. Those are free scripts 🙂 Pro Woodcutter Beta will be replacing Pro Woodcutter soon. If you bought Pro Woodcutter, you should have both available to you.
  9. Haven't had time to fix it. Probably this weekend.
  10. Gotcha. Will get that fixed. Thanks!
  11. Hey I saw something about this but wasn't able to replicate it. Could you grab a screenshot of where the player is standing for me?
  12. If I have time, by Tuesday.
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