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  1. Pro Fisher was transitioned to premium. You can find it in the store.
  2. Does this kill Zulrah? Nice release 🙂
  3. Welcome! I'm sorry that your first interaction with EpicBot was with @Mint. The rest of the team isn't as special. Hope to see ya around!
  4. See the pinned thread. We'll announce in discord when it's back up.
  5. Apologies for the downtime - tracking down and fixing a couple backend bugs causing unexpected behavior. We'll @ everyone in discord when it's back up. ETA is roughly 1/2/2021. Update 1/3/21: Client is back online. Thanks, - EpicBot Team
  6. The love and appreciation of my father
  7. Was removed a couple months ago. Docs aren't up to date. It's a script issue.
  8. There isn't a dropAllExcept method in the API. I also didn't write the script.
  9. Completely new client, team, and scripts all made from the ground up.
  10. Will fix this. Thanks ❤️ I'll see what i can do about that. Not a case I expected haha
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