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  1. Hey - it doesn't currently support granite. It's on my feature list, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it.
  2. Hey, Fletcher is free (already in the client) for the time being. I expect it to go premium in a few days though. You can find it in the script selector 🙂
  3. ill take a look, thanks
  4. What's it doing? Could you post a screenshot?
  5. Join the discord and reach out to Sean, he'll probably be able to help you out better there.
  6. Let the loading bar complete before clicking launch. If that doesn't work delete your dependencies folder (C:\Users\Koala\EpicBot\dependencies) and try the above.
  7. There should be Pro Agility (what you bought) and Free Agility (free, very limited) in the script selector. Pro Agility might not have potion support. You can probably ask @Chetto add this.
  8. I’ll see what I can do
  9. I'll try and get that pushed out this weekend 🙂
  10. Koala

    Pro Wintertodt

    Did you earn a crate still?
  11. Koala

    Pro Wintertodt

    Woo! Congrats my man!
  12. Koala

    Pro Wintertodt

    I'll take a look. I've never been too happy with a lot of the interaction transitions. I also didn't mean to push the clue hunter outfit just yet 😅 Will try and get an update out later today 🙂
  13. Koala

    Pro Wintertodt

    Glad to hear it! ❤️
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