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  1. @Proto possibly... could have a Runecrafter? 😉 Welcome back to EpicBot 🙂 Join the discord as well!
  2. Everyone should be added, check #beta on discord and make sure you have a Beta user rank on your forum name 🙂
  3. Hello everyone! We are opening back up some spots in the beta usergroup, which basically gets early access to new EpicBot features and releases. It will be given to active members of EpicBot to help aid in testing, bug reporting, and suggestions for the EpicBot client. Originally, we filled up this early beta access role pretty quickly. We wanted to make sure we only had active members, so periodically, we were pruning anyone who was not active enough for assisting with the testing of a very early private beta. If you feel you can and are willing to help post bugs, test, and make s
  4. great video as well, theres a lot of people wanting to learn and this is a great way to ease into it. Thanks for learning and thanks for sharing 🙂 Happy to see anything you submit!
  5. Wow nice, this your first script? Great job... might be on to something here, perhaps create a few more 🙂
  6. You rock, thanks for sharing 🙂
  7. Mint

    Pro Miner

    ^^ Lets get to it @Koala
  8. Usually scripts in epicbot are done because of demand by the public.... Is this great XP at all? Or is it high money making?
  9. VIP+ is an extension of your privileges on EpicBot. Right now its primary use is to run more bots as the free version is currently limited to 5. Pro Fisher is now a premium script, every one of our premium scripts has to be purchased separately. There are tons of other free scripts at the moment (which will get conveted to paid eventually).
  10. Welcome Ironman 🙂
  11. Welcome to Epicbot 🙂
  12. Thanks for sharing @Alias. Would love to see a few more for the community.. maybe even some SDN worthy stuff soon 🙂
  13. Mint


    Oh wow that's quite a bit of accomplishments. I'd love to hear more about some of the work. 🙂
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