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  1. Sellout

    Pro Wintertodt

    Known issue, it is on the list i believe
  2. Solid script m8 Would it be possible to have a 'Progression mode' in the future?
  3. [PRO Cooker] ======================= Problem: banking rogues What happens: instead of clicking the bank it seems to walk to it, due to this it cant see the fire no more and stands there , even if i put the fire in display it just does nothing How to recreate: cook at rogues PIC: https://prnt.sc/vpcazp =======================
  4. [PRO FISHER] ======================= Problem: Selecting fishing spots What happens: When the fishing spot is depleted and where the spot is still viable and when you are still animating it will click on the depleted spot instead of the new one, then i will sleep like 10 min with mouse out of screen How to recreate: have a watch when the spot is depleted PIC:- ======================= REQUEST -Enable run when changing fishing spots
  5. Sellout


    ProQuester is in the works 😄
  6. public beta will be in a couple of weeks.
  7. Welcome on the forums, enjoy your stay!
  8. [Wild tutorial island] ======================= Problem: Wont login What happens: It refuses to log in, start to type 2/3 letters then stops the script. How to recreate: start the script from login screen Screen: https://prnt.sc/vdmx87 ======================= Problem: Wont set a name What happens: when you start the script it does nothing for the display name, just stands there How to recreate: Just start the script Screen: https://prnt.sc/vdmys6 ======================= Problem: Character Creator What happens: Wont customize your character How to recreate: Just st
  9. [PRO AIO COOKER] ======================= Problem:Insta Insta closes bank What happens: closes bank as soon as selected raw fish is not in bank How to recreate:Start the script without having the raw fish you need Gif: https://gyazo.com/1ba6aaa8a587da5800e2d1be30da292e =======================
  10. [PRO AIO Cooker] ======================= Problem: Nullpointer What happens:Keeps spaming me with nullpointers when cooking raw sardine in rogue's den How to recreate: Start the script cooking shrips at rogues den Nullpointer:https://prnt.sc/vdd670 =======================
  11. [PRO AIO WOODCUTTER] ======================= Problem: Nullpointer What happens:Keeps spaming me with nullpointers when doing drop woodcutting teaks south of castle wars How to recreate: Start the script drop cutting teaks south of castle wars Nullpointer: https://prnt.sc/vcz5t9 =======================
  12. [PRO woodcutter] ======================= Problem: Starting Woodcutter (nullpointer) What happens:Started the script and a nullyboi showed up How to recreate: Start the script Nullpointer: https://prnt.sc/vcw4eb =======================
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