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  5. Please download the latest version of EpicBot from the website and remove the current one. Should fix it.
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  7. একদিন আমি অবসর সময়ে কিছু মজার করার উপায় খুঁজছিলাম এবং অনলাইনে ব্রাউজ করতে গিয়ে download on android পেলাম। সাইটটি খুব ব্যবহারকারী বান্ধব এবং অনেক বিভিন্ন গেম এবং ক্রীড়া বাজির বিকল্প রয়েছে। তাদের বোনাসগুলি সত্যিই আকর্ষণীয়। নতুন খেলোয়াড়দের জন্য তাদের স্বাগতম বোনাস এবং নিয়মিত প্রচার রয়েছে। এই বোনাসগুলি আমাকে বেশি সময় ধরে খেলতে এবং কম খরচে আরো গেম চেষ্টা করতে সাহায্য করেছে। এই সাইটটি আমাকে আমার অবসর সময়ে মজার করার উপায় দিয়েছে। আমি এটি সুপারিশ করছি সবাইকে যারা অনলাইনে কিছু মজার খুঁজছে।
  8. tabbo8

    Pro Thiever

    Rogues den unreliable at current, gets stuck at first entry gate, then fails at trapdoor unsure if recognises agility shortcut either
  9. Every time I try to add a Jagex account it fails to login. I get to the screen that says. Please wait while we prepare a few things. This can take a moment. Do not close this window! Wait for the add jagex account button to become enabled. It tells me "Failed to login"
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  11. Hello, i'm SynapticScripts and im here to tell you that: I have created a F2P Oak woodcutting script completely FREE! but i haven't fully finished it, as it's my first script of course it has problems, but when i fixed them i'll post the file here! So keep an eye-out for it! <hr> <SynapticScripts/>
  12. Pro Crafter

    Pro Crafter by BloddyHarry is an all-in-one script for all your crafting needs! Comes with support for jewellery, gems, leather, staffs, glassblowing, bow strings, and much more. This script will also auto grab all necessary items and has a stop condition built-in that will stop when you've ran out of items. This script has delivered countless level 99 Crafting capes!

    Pro Crafter features include:

    ✔️ Supports the following crafting methods: crafting Jewellery, uncutting gems, leather crafting, staff making, glassblowing, spinning wheel (bow strings etc.), amulet stringing, molting glass (glassblowing)
    ✔️ Supports banking on start and gets all the items
    ✔️ Will stop automatically when out of items
    ✔️ Create profiles to use with the EpicBot Scheduler (automatic breaking and queuing tasks)

    Pro Crafter GUI:

    Pro Crafter Screenshots:






  13. Same here, dont load the launch and says user or password is incorrect.
  14. i keep trying to login on launch and the script keeps saying my account is invalid. i have changed my password tried several times....whats the issue
  15. when is ironman mode going to work?
  16. Hello I am having this same issue. I can run other scripts but it will only let me run 1 local script at a time
  17. I used EssayService to write an annotated bibliography and was satisfied with the result. All sources were thoroughly analysed and annotated according to my requirements. The work was completed on time and customer support answered my questions promptly. I recommend hire annotated bibliography writer https://essayservice.com/write-my-annotated-bibliography to students who need help with annotated bibliographies.
  18. Upon starting The Freminik Trials Quest the Bot would try to go to settings and constantly try to restore camera zoom to default when banking quest items. once he started navigating it seems to have stopped. then continues while trying to complete the quest.could be with other quests too i just havent tried yet
  19. Hi, My friend gave me an old orsr account to play again, but it wont let me log in because it says i have to upgrade to the jagex version wich my friend says i should not do cuz then the bots would get me banned..? He said i needed the old launcher wich i could find here but when i go to download bot it jumps to the download page and when i press to download it does nothing... Anyone know what the problem is here and could help me? Tia, Nunya
  20. Pro Gauntlet by Chet
    Conquer the Gauntlet with ease using our advanced Pro Gauntlet script, designed to fully automate perfect gameplay and maximize your rewards effortlessly!


    ✔️ Supports both the crystal and corrupted gauntlet minigame
    ✔️ Up to 6 successful runs per hour on a high skilled account and insane GP rewards
    ✔️ Collects all resources including armour, perfect weapons, food and potions
    ✔️ Smart pathing algorithm to navigate the maze efficiently
    ✔️ Prayers flicking and supported prayers like Piety, Augury and Rigour (if not available will use lower level prayers)
    ✔️ Option to high alch and drop certain reward items
    ✔️ Option to abort the run if preparation for the fight was insufficient
    ✔️ Stop and break settings




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  22. When I try to add jagex account Epicbot crashes?
  23. This is my first script in this API, and also my first script for runescape. It was allot of fun to make and test, development took around 11 days in total including testing. You can check the files here with an included readme: BoneManGitHub tldr; This bot is meant to follow directly after Pro Tutorial Island. The player will collect and sell big bones to create starting cash. You could also rewrite it to bury the bones instead to farm prayer.
  24. Runescape has been updated (happens weekly) the bot client will need patching and once it has been patched you will be able to use the client.
  25. There is an error occurring. And it is also not logging in with the epicbot account in the application. I paid for VIP and I am not able to use it because I cannot log in. “I’ve already reinstalled the application and installed all the features needed for it to work like Java. This has been done several times and I am still unresolved. I expect an answer. Thank you.”
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