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  4. Script works again now, was an issue on the backend of things 🙂
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  6. What @Sellout said + no private script sales are allowed at this point in time.
  7. Pro Thiever

    Pro Thiever by Proto is an all-in-one script for all your thieving needs! Customise your area, choose your npc and go! Supports pretty much every stall. Even Money making madness is included. This script simply just can make you millions, it's that good!  
    Pro Thiever features include:

    ✔️ Supports normal thieving and stalls (Planned support for Blackjack & Chests for free in the future)
    ✔️ Supports nearly every NPC and Stall, just set your own radius and start near the NPC/Object!
    ✔️ Dodgy necklace support!
    ✔️ Gloves of silence support!
    ✔️ Extra wait times after stun (good if you want to last longer 😉 )

    Pro Thiever GUI:

    Pro Thiever Screenshots:




  8. Pro Fletcher by Chet is an all-in-one fletching script to get your fletching cape! Fletching can be a very time consuming and repetitive task, so why not let the Pro Fletcher take care of it for you? Especially with the built-in progressive task mode which lets you intelligently change what you fletch based on quantity amounts, you can be maximizing your XP in no time!
    Pro Fletcher features include:

    ✔️ Fletches all items including: Bows, Bolts, Bolt Tips, Bow Stringing, Crossbows, Crossbows Stringing, Darts, Arrows, Arrow Shafts, and Stocks.
    ✔️ Advanced task based system 
    ✔️Informative Paint
    ✔️ Intuitive GUI
    ✔️ Stop conditions based on amounts
    ✔️ Banking support

    Pro Fletcher GUI:

    Pro Fletcher Screenshots:

  9. Not even worth writing something for
  10. Hello. I have problem with Pro Thiever. When i try started this script just no reaction. Copletly nothing. Everything worked two days ago Greetings 🙂
  11. Hey - it doesn't currently support granite. It's on my feature list, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it.
  12. I was wondering if it supports 3 tick granite mining by chance? Looks like a great script, though, tbh.
  13. Hey 0707, I will take a look at this and see if it can be added to the web walker. Thanks, Sean
  14. Hey 0707, I will take a look at this! Thanks Sean
  15. Hey, Fletcher is free (already in the client) for the time being. I expect it to go premium in a few days though. You can find it in the script selector 🙂
  16. I was looking to purchase the script but I cant find it available for purchase. Is it still available?
  17. So I have found out that the grain near the Grand Exchange is quite a good way of stacking up money for small botters, and it is basically undetectable, I would like a scripter to maybe message me on discord and we talk about it. I would really appreciate that Discord : Kevlar#8874
  18. the script does not save anything with in the settings file.
  19. GE-MainX

    Muling script

    it could work but it would come down to how they programed the client. would love to know if it could be done?
  20. GE-MainX

    Build A Farm

    4/8/21: Look's like my email change worked so far all of my account's are still unbanned and running. today i will have gp from my 2 day ban on a MPa, so that one will become a botting mule so this weekend i will make one of my account mems and try to rock a few quest and mems skills. ill have to get a few more skills up before doing so 2 days should be more then the time needed. log 1: the day went well I'm starting to formulate a plan on the next few step, knowing the end goal makes it easier but still have to learn how to get there. if i can get this going i can be making about 30 acco
  21. I've gotten a few account banned (Build a farm) still learning as i go along. you'll find very little info on botting most if not all the people who do it are willing to share their secrets . the best trick i can give you is figure out why your botting then go from there.
  22. can someone add capability for varrock sewer. the slashing web function to access moss giannts would be great
  23. ill take a look, thanks
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