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[Open Source] Basic Woodcutter Implementation

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Source: https://github.com/christophernarciso/epicbot_scripts/tree/main/basicwc/src/com/k/wc

Development features:

ChopTask.java takes the current location target set on script start. see (/data/targets)
Default: BasicTree.java

package com.k.wc.data.targets;

import com.epicbot.api.shared.model.Area;
import com.epicbot.api.shared.model.Tile;
import com.k.wc.data.ILocationTarget;

 * Target: Basic trees
 * Target Area: Basic trees north west of the grand exchange.
 * Target Bank Area: Grand exchange
public class BasicTree implements ILocationTarget {

    public String getTarget() {
        return "Tree";

    public Area getActionArea() {
        return new Area(
                new Tile(3139, 3505),
                new Tile(3139, 3512),
                new Tile(3139, 3512),
                new Tile(3143, 3516),
                new Tile(3157, 3516),
                new Tile(3158, 3510),
                new Tile(3142, 3502)

    public Area getBankArea() {
        return new Area(3160, 3493, 3169, 3485);


Most of the code is documented and a dependency module was used for development that has wrappers for the API.

Development tasks:

  • See if you can setup up multiple locations using ITargetLocation
  • Create a GUI with a combobox dedicated to these locations
  • Modify init() to accept the above changes so that users can select through a simple GUI.

Leave any questions / solutions below.

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