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  1. Should really be fixed now then... I think you guys forgot to mention that the Bow String was previously selected but turned into a Bow. The actual Bow String didn't exist in the inventory anymore but the game still thinks you have it selected.
  2. This was fixed a while ago, it should unselect the item before banking.
  3. Chet

    Pro Agility

    This is was fixed a while ago. This is was fixed about 2 weeks ago. Both were bugs in the walking API.
  4. Pro Fletcher Features Task system to queue all your fletch tasks Supported fletch tasks: Human like anti-ban
  5. Chet

    Pro Agility

    Can you add a screenshot of the script status and the spot it gets stuck at?
  6. Chet

    Pro Agility

    Pro Agility Features Supported courses: Gnome Stronghold Draynor rooftop Al Kharid rooftop Varrock rooftop Barbarian Outpost Canifis rooftop Ape Atoll Falador Wilderness Seers' village Pollnivneach Rellekka Ardougne Brimhaven Agility Arena Agility Pyramid Progressive-mode (walks to the next course upon reaching required agility level) Stop conditions Time - stop
  7. That's because the max value cannot go below the minimum value
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