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    Not sure if you are still active but I made something without the use of phials or cape rack
  2. Supports: Oak Larders (Start with noted Oak planks) Mahogany Tables (Start with noted Mahogany planks) Butler unnoting. Note: Only tested with demon butler. Features: Stops the script when gold is less than the butler service fee. Stops the script when you are out of noted planks. The script uses key bind interactions when running. Instructions: You must already be inside your house in building mode. You must have a Rope bell-pull built and have a butler already inside your house. You must setup up the butler un-note process before starting. (i.e, the first thing that should come up when you talk to the butler is about picking the x24 un-note option.) Start near your preferred mode build area with your setup. Source: https://github.com/christophernarciso/epicbot_scripts/tree/main/kconstruction/src/com/k/construction Download: https://github.com/christophernarciso/epicbot_scripts/blob/main/kconstruction/jar/kconstruction.jar
  3. Source: https://github.com/christophernarciso/epicbot_scripts/tree/main/basicwc/src/com/k/wc Development features: drop mode bank mode ChopTask.java takes the current location target set on script start. see (/data/targets) Default: BasicTree.java package com.k.wc.data.targets; import com.epicbot.api.shared.model.Area; import com.epicbot.api.shared.model.Tile; import com.k.wc.data.ILocationTarget; /** * Target: Basic trees * Target Area: Basic trees north west of the grand exchange. * Target Bank Area: Grand exchange */ public class BasicTree implements ILocationTarget { @Override public String getTarget() { return "Tree"; } @Override public Area getActionArea() { return new Area( new Tile(3139, 3505), new Tile(3139, 3512), new Tile(3139, 3512), new Tile(3143, 3516), new Tile(3157, 3516), new Tile(3158, 3510), new Tile(3142, 3502) ); } @Override public Area getBankArea() { return new Area(3160, 3493, 3169, 3485); } } Most of the code is documented and a dependency module was used for development that has wrappers for the API. Development tasks: See if you can setup up multiple locations using ITargetLocation Create a GUI with a combobox dedicated to these locations Modify init() to accept the above changes so that users can select through a simple GUI. Leave any questions / solutions below.
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    do you have one
  5. Hey, Wanted to know when you are going public. Wanted to peek into the API to work on some stuff.
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