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  1. If your char doesn't have the combat lvl for monster to not be aggressive (double the combat lvl of the monster and add one) , it will keep dying over and over again, death handler won't do much since you won't be making any profit or getting much xp at all
  2. Will be fixed soon, need to re-write scheduler functions
  3. Updated to v12! - F2P Lobster farm mode added (more modes coming soon) - Will run until you run out of money. Be sure to have lobster pot / money - Normal fishing re-written (Should run better, less web walker calls) - Added support for Dragon Harpoon - Added more locations - GUI overhaul - Added new paint
  4. Try again now
  5. Good scrib, just one note on the image downloading, no need for all of that private Image background = null; try { URL url = new URL(image URL here); background = ImageIO.read(url); Set } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } and in on paint g.drawImage(background, 1, 1, null);
  6. Gonna be added in the next few days while I work on the big update 🙂
  7. Haven't had a chance to test since I don't have an acc that can use it. But I'll push a test version later for if you have it equipped/in inventory
  8. I believe Koala has some plans to add more quests, but B gloves path is gonna be a while even after the script goes premium. the requirements are pretty big.
  9. Something is blocking your connection. Check your A/V software, or anything that tracks and modifies internet traffic. Also, if you're using proxies, use them in the client, and not via software like proxifier.
  10. I'll add the location in 🙂
  11. Proto

    Pro Magic

    It's currently free to use. Launch it from the Script selector in EpicBot
  12. post your best EB memes I guess
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