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  1. 🤫 The full version does, I'll be working on it more in the next couple of days 🙂
  2. The same thing can be said if we allow new scripters in right now, it would only make it harder for anyone else who joins afterwards to make/sell scripts. We're working not just on the scripts though, most of it is just quashing down bugs and getting everything ready for release 🙂
  3. Welcome 😄 Looking forwards to seeing your around the place and if you have any suggestions for scripts you'd like to see, let us know 🙂
  4. Pro Simple Fighter ✅ NPC selection by name ✅ Supports eating Current features: ▶️ Will attack your chosen NPC until it's dead ▶️ Supports all one click to eat foods
  5. Let's not spoil anything just yet 😉
  6. Pro AIO Fisher ✅ Normal fish ✅ Aerial fishing ✅ Minnows Current features: ▶️ Supports nearly every fish and area ▶️ Aerial fishing ▶️ Minnows
  7. Ohh thanks for letting me know, added it to my TODO list for the script 🙂
  8. So far it hasn't gotten it's ass blasted if on a lower ping world 😄
  9. Started out as a hobby to see how far I can get fully botted mains before ban, turned into a hobby for making scripts to level up my main, and now I'm now I'm making big public scripts 😄
  10. Pro Cannonballs ✅ Multiple locations ✅ Easy money and smithing XP Current features: ▶️ Smiths cannonballs for you at your chosen location, nothing much else to say WiP: ▶️ GE Restocking
  11. Pro Blast Mine ✅ Blows up and collects your ores ✅ 500k GP/HR at level 75+ Current features: ▶️ Uses staminas - So you can keep on running ▶️ Supports any pickaxe and equipment setup ▶️ Blows up walls, deposits and collects when sack is full with no damage taken. WiP: ▶️ GE Restocking (For staminas and dynamite)
  12. Pro AIO Herblore ✅ Potions ✅ Unfinished potions ✅ Herb cleaning Current features: ▶️ Potions - Mixes your potions for the final massive xp drop ▶️ Unfinished potions - Need to make some stuff that's not finished? Or some money? ▶️ Herb cleaning - Make them shiny and make some money WiP: ▶️ GE Restocking ▶️ Queue mode (with loading and saving)
  13. 💪 Welcome 😄
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