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  1. Noice! :D One thing that comes up from the top of my head, is the way you pass the CTX into the functions and also the class Try doing what's below: private final Data data; private final Bank bank; private final Fish fish; private final Walk walk; private final Inventory inventory; @Override public boolean onStart(String... strings) { data = new Data(getAPIContext()); bank = new Bank(getAPIContext()); fish = new Fish(getAPIContext()); walk = new Walk(getAPIContext()); inventory = new Inventory(getAPIContext()); new Gui(getAPIContext()); System.out.println("Staring veedsFisher"); return true; } That way, you don't need to pass it for each function since you already declared it as ctx in your sub-class :)
  2. No market here allowed
  3. Because they're free and supposed to act as trials for the premium versions.
  4. It's the same exact solution, only difference is I packaged up the files so it's cleaner, while vulpes3 uploaded them one by one 😛
  5. Make sure the jars are in the epicbot/dependencies folder, and not in a epicbot/dependencies/dependencies folder
  6. dependencies.rar Extract the jar files attached into your c:/users/USERNAME/EpicBot/Dependencies
  7. Yes and no. Detection is still mostly down to behaviour. If they could detect clients that easily, it'd be better and easier for them to just insta ban you as soon as you log in instead of wasting their resources
  8. Reflection mode is much in Alpha, it's not usable right now but will be at some point in the future @j35t3r
  9. NewEpicBotMacOSTutorial (1).pdf Also right click the file, click open, and then open again (don't ask, it's a mac thing)
  10. Proto

    Pro Magic

    I'll add that in next update (ETA weekend)
  11. Proto

    Pro Magic

    Hey, forgot to reply but update to fix this was pushed, let me know if all works for you!
  12. Proto

    Pro Thiever

    Very much work in progress, but unsure of how stable it can get since the method requires soooooo many things that need to be accounted for so, I might release a version of it that requires you to lure the NPC into a building by hand and then the rest will be handled by the script until you run out of food. Other than that, if you want good XP rates, do ardy knights, they're pretty much the best & quickest (and least bannable) way to get to 99+
  13. Proto

    Pro Thiever

    Before you can add it to your cart, you get to see all the script features. If you do not like it, no one is forcing you to buy it, and if it does only take 1-2 hours to make, then why buy it in the first place 😛 Main reason for the $13 price tag, is the ease of money this sorta script can make. It's for life time, so you'll spend a week or less farming to pay for it, and rest is all profit for you. Hell, I know a couple of people who have made more than I will ever by using this script compared to the sales I get. As for suggestions, give feedback and I can add. This script was in beta for months and so far no one has asked for anything extra (apart from rogues den which I still need to stress test or possibly add to this script for testing purposes again) just the odd bug that gets addressed in updates 🙂
  14. Last warning. Use google translate.
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