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  1. j35t3r

    Pro Thiever

    Am I missing something here.. Is this really Version 10, and you have only supported 5 different food ID's, no BJ'ing, no eating @ bank, no saving and loading configs for ease of use, no real effort into anything to justify the price of this thing?!? Sorry but no.. There isn't any form of currency out there that 13 would be a justifiable price to slap on this thing. Don't like to down talk but, RL Plugin's are even ahead of this script (free ones, paid are even $5-$10) .. So this was quite a disappointment for $13.. More of a $4 or $5 script as-is. You can go install Runelite right
  2. j35t3r

    Pro Wintertodt

    This script is seriously awful.. There are free RL plugins that do better than this paid bot.. Left it for 6 hours and it got 8kc... Not to mention it only gets single roll crates with no customization to force it to get at least 750 points or, anything really.. Get's stuck in "walking" status a lot and just sits there, or it will sit in WT stuck in "banking" status. Client is amazing, script is not..
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