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  1. I am not familiar with this error. When does this error happen? on boot up or load up? If its on boot up try running it as an administrator, If that fails let me know and I will contact one of the developers and ask for assistance. Dragolf
  2. Might sound strange but make sure your logging into the client. I know you can get access without an account. Dragolf
  3. I have had this issue as well. Make sure your password and user is exact as it might reject it if its not accurate. In addition it could be a network issue. Try to make sure your on an ethernet cable and that will give you a stable connection Dragolf
  4. Dragolf


    Have you logged in on the Client using this account? (i know i didnt when i bought VIP back in 2016 and it confused the hell out of me XD) Dragolf
  5. Are you using OSRS or RS3? If your using RS3 you could try configuring your UI in runescape to make it match the cursor placement. If your using OSRS I will message the scripter and update them on this and request any advice they might have Dragolf
  6. @Astral22Unfortunately there is no "Definitive" way to prevent being banned. There are several things you can do in order to reduce the chance of being banned such as: 1) Don't bot for too long on one thing 2) Take regular botting breaks 3) Babysit your bots. This was you can talk to others which will reduce the risk of reports. 4) Make sure to take a day or two off. 5) When botting, try to stick to a schedule (e.g. i work so i work 8-6 so i will be on rs about 7-11, so that is my botting time) 6) Do NOT bot an account your not willing to loose I hope this advice is useful. The thing to remember is that Botting is "against" Jagex's T&C and is a bannable offence. We take that risk and we accept it. Dragolf
  7. @beauwindsor Make sure when you click your operating system you click the version of your operating system as that is what triggers the download.
  8. @Botuser420 Unfortunately Botting IS AGAINST Jagex T&C, If you bot you acknowledge and accept there is "a chance" you will get banned. Some people get away with it, some don't. Create some dummy accounts which you dont want to loose and test out what works and what doesn't. When you bot, there is ALWAYS a chance you will get banned. It's a risk that all botters have to understand and accept. Wolf
  9. @Average 1) Please make sure your username/email and password are correct (mine wasn't when I tried) 2) Make sure you right click EpicBot and run as administrator 3) IF neither of these two things work, then please go into Task manager, go to details, right click EpicBot and select End process Tree. 4) Try again steps 1 and 2. IF this fails again, let me know Wolf
  10. Friendly Father of 3,

    Gamer, Chef, Streamer (twitch) and youtuber.

    If i can help people i will, if i cant i find a way of helping in what way i can.


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