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  1. Pro Magic Features Spells - Alching - Superheating - Splashing - Teleports - Bolt enchanting - Jewelry enchanting - Tan Leather - Spin Flax - Plank Make
  2. This issue is occurring due to me having an internal check to only drop items while stunned OR the inventory is full, it will automatically break out once you have 3 or more free inventory slots. This is the issue that is occurring because you have 99 Thieving, and therefore never fail the pickpocket. I apologize for the delays, thank you for the screenshots it helped me figure out the issue. I have added a toggle to disable this setting, however it will be toggled on by default because that is what is preferred by most users. Make sure to toggle off that setting where the mouse is hovered, and it will empty the entire inventory that is below a certain threshold. The fix is live in v12, relaunch the script and you should see it now. Hopefully this fixes your issue, please be sure to let me know if it doesn't!
  3. Send a screenshot please of the inventory
  4. Double check the value of the seeds that aren't being dropped, if you can send a screenshot of the ones that aren't being dropped it would help.
  5. Quackers

    Pro Thiever

    Pro Thiever Features Pickpocketing - All NPC's currently except Vyre, Elf, and Tzhaar (To be added soon) Stalls - All Stalls currently supported, this feature is in beta Coming soon . . . Rogues Den Blackjacking Chests
  6. This issue should be fixed in v11, It is live on the SDN, please let me know if you run into the issue again.
  7. I will look into this early tomorrow , I apologize for the delays.
  8. Quackers

    Pro Hunter

    I believe the issue has to do with the restocking, make sure you have at least 4 box traps or at max 16 box traps in your inventory, otherwise it will try to bank them. I have pushed another update to try to more clearly express what it is trying to do in the logger when this issue occurs.
  9. Quackers

    Pro Hunter

    The hunting ground currently isn't a supported location, however I just added a manual override for this so you can start it anywhere. Try toggling the Override button here, and it should work now
  10. Quackers

    Pro Hunter

    It should work, please take screenshots of the client / logger , and let me know what it is or isn't doing please, I can release a fix once I know what the issue is.
  11. Quackers

    Pro Hunter

    Pro Hunter Features Bird snares All birds except Golden warbler Box Trap Grey chinchompas Red chinchompas Net Traps All salamanders Tracking Polar kebbit Feldip weasels Razor-backed kebbits Butterfly Catching All butterflies Falconry All kebbits
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