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  1. Experiment for yourself and try different methods. When botting you can get banned, that's the risk of botting
  2. Eb does not have mobile support
  3. good to hear it is working now 🙂
  4. Have you tried to use an other browser?
  5. If you wanna make some mula, make sure to have this script
  6. For now it is not a script that is being worked on. But a cool script for the future
  7. Sellout

    Pro Hunter

    Got me some great progress!
  8. ooh, cant wait to see some pics 🙂
  9. one hell of a script!
  10. awesome script, made me some easy mills 😄
  11. Right now there are other things that are more important then new scripts. After that is fixed you will see some new scripts, like RC etc etc.
  12. That is all handled by the client
  13. could you add a better description and a screenshot/gif?
  14. Sellout


    some nice stuff! hope to see more in the future ❤️
  15. If you could post some screen shots/gif's of what is happening with some more info, that would help.
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