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  1. Currently, there aren't any scripts that do this. I was told one was coming a while ago 🤷‍♂️. I'm looking into making my own muling script but I don't know how to work with threads/sockets in Java yet sadly . Anyway, go to the discord, one of the private scripters there may be willing to write one for you if you're willing to pay.
  2. You do get access to a few VIP only scripts with purchase of VIP, but not all of them. Have a look on the store page where you bought VIP under "About VIP" for info on what's included.
  3. Hammer

    Using CLI

    Any way you could ask them? I asked in #help in the discord and I PMed both but didn’t get response.
  4. Hi, just wondering if I can get some help using CLI. EB opens but won't start a tab. I had a look through the discord, tried a few different things but can't get it to work. Would appreciate an example using an SDN script if possible. Ty 🙂
  5. A script that’d take a list of accounts either pasted in a GUI or in a text file and check them for bans, locks, etc.
  6. Could a mass account mode be added? Could either place accounts in a txt file or paste them in the GUI.
  7. Hammer

    Pro Slayer

    @Sean Wont buy items from the GE, just keeps looping a search for the current item to buy.
  8. Hammer

    Muling script

    Would a general muling script be possible with EB? On a certain other client, there's a muling script that can be ran first and then would allow you to run another script in the same instance/client. If that's not possible it'd be nice to see a basic muling script with master/slave support to transfer items to or from your bots. Not sure if the requests here are specifically for non-premium or free scripts but I'd personally pay for something like this if the price was right.
  9. Hammer


    ^^^ The above. Accepting vouchers would be nice too so we can pay with other methods.
  10. Nice guide. Little Java knowledge over here as well so this should help me get started. 🙂
  11. Nevermind, problem solved
  12. Question: how much longer is the public beta going to be available for and how much will membership cost?
  13. Hammer


    This can be deleted, found what I was looking for
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