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  1. runeg33k

    ess runner

    would it be possible to make a script for running rune ess on to fire alter to help make lava runes, it would need to bring runes ess, auto trade and could tele to bank and alter using dueling ring, also if it could bring binding necklace option too would be very useful.
  2. I have a money making ideas could possibly good low level money makers, if any would be able to make them since i have no idea when i come to scripting. At aerial fishing at molche island you can pick up king worms that you can pick up with no spawn time delay, king worms are currently 348gp each and you can do a full inventory run to the bank in about 1 minute, you can roughly earn 480k-580k per hour. you can increase efficiency with stamina potions what cost about 20-30k an hour. please let me know what you think please.
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