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  1. Hi, there is a way to fix the gem mine underground? if not, it okay.
  2. No matter what GP you set to. Only drop 4 seed. Other useless seed never drop. (Example there is 102 onion if I correct but next screenshot I took which is 112 so it never drop)
  3. Same, I set the GP into 5000 with no bank still only drop 4 seed. Repeat over and over again.
  4. Hi, still got small issue on master farmer. After inventory is full, it only drop 4 seed and rest didn't drop. ( I set no bank with drop GP at 151 and it should drop most useless seed)
  5. n8820i

    Pro Thiever

    Do I have to buy again? because my other pro thieve is gone or can I get refund.....not try to be mean but I feel like I got...
  6. I don't have pro thieve anymore.....what happen? Pro theive (beta) Master farmer is not working. After inventory is full, it don't drop and not moving.
  7. No problem man. Take your time. Not in rush. Thx for all the hard work.
  8. No problem with this scripts but today there is issue with pickaxe. I have pickaxe on hand but status said need pickaxe and run to bank then doing nothing.
  9. I really don't like farming.
  10. n8820i

    Pro Hunter

    Thank you. It working now. You right, 4 box traps or at max 16 box traps in inventory. I bring too much yesterday.....
  11. n8820i

    Pro Hunter

    Thank you for fix but I just try it right now and still not working inside the red chins hunter ground (cave). Still same thing happen, "No valid path found"...... Take your time, we not in rush. This scripts is good but if it work on red chins hunting ground (cave). It will perfect and I think even if this scripts in buy scripts, we will be acceptable as well. Thank you again for your hard work.
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