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  1. Please join the discord if you have issues, you will be able to get updates and help from there
  2. Please join the discord if you have issues - https://discord.gg/ZvRApAQdEq
  3. Please join the discord
  4. Why would u want to log out?
  5. These are the upcoming client/api fixes that will be in the next client update. A Porcine of Interest Quest Added Store API Webwalker now equips Dramen staff/Lunar staff for Fairy Rings Bank#open now also uses NPCs CombatAPI base Prayer#isActive checks for game unlocks Defined new Path Links for Rogues Den, Falador Crumbled Wall, and Fremennik Slayer Cave. Modified WaitFor.waitForTravel to allow for passing a checkDistance in order to avoid spam clicking objects with a 'travel distance' of 1 tile. Defined new Path Link for exiting Lumbridge Swamp Cave Removed debugging statements. Added handler for desert warning. Added Dialogue#getText method. Added handlers for fail state dialogues. Example is trying to navigate into desert without a shantay pass. Without this fail state handler, it will get stuck in an infinite loop of attempting to handle the object. Added Path Links for Kalphite Slayer Cave Entrance and Exit, Added new path links for multiple charter ships and travel between Rimmington/Ardougne/Brimhaven. Now catches null pointer in getItemDetails Modified Area to include expected tiles regardless of Polygons contains implementation. Added checks for placeholder in BankAPI Added isPlaceholder method on RSBankItemWidget Modified InteractionHandler to walk to the object if the initial interaction fails. There were occurrences where walker would get stuck in a loop, never actually interacting with an object. Combat API Has localPlayer#hasMembership Area plane matching Updated Quest API More Quest API updates Added withdrawAny methods to Bank. Modified GrandExchangeAPI to clean up null pointers. Added new Path Links. Modified withdraw to return false if the count of the predicate is 0. Returning true does not make sense if you dont actually withdraw anything. Modified deselectItem to interact with menu rather than an item as it would never actually deselect. Adding an extra delay on Wearable Item Teleports after interacting with item. It was checking for the options too quickly and failed if a different dialogue was already open. Added Path Link for Shantay Pass to avoid spam clicking. Added Path Links for Outpost->Lighthouse rock jumps Added Path Link for GE Shortcut Added Path Link for catacombs of kourend entrance Added additional path links. Modified pathhandler to handle additional objects if for some reason bfsMapCache thinks we can reach the next tile.
  6. its because there is a 1 pixel hidden scrollbar there
  7. Suko

    RS3 or OSRS?

    OSRS and only OSRS
  8. mostly just bot for the side income and the challenge
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