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  1. Hey! Can you join the discord and report this in #bugs please? https://discord.gg/zd3eGHcgMw
  2. You will have to wait. If you join the discord server, you will get notified.
  3. When you get VIP, it will give you the scripts listed under VIP. You do not get any paid for scripts that aren't listed as VIP.
  4. Hey sorry to hear. But its all about luck and how you bot. ive been about to run this from 50-98. But have had some not last long at all. Unfortunate luck but sad to say it happens when you bot.
  5. If you could, could you ask this in the discord. for additional help please?
  6. Dont understand what you mean by a "full script". There are plenty of open sourced scripts on here where you could look at the code and see what's implemented. I would suggest starting there.
  7. You can go to the store and purchase VIP which would increase the # of local instances and SDN instances.
  8. I do not believe that script would be worth making. You honestly probably could try making it yourself. Doesnt seem like a hard script to write at all. If you need help, join our discord and ask for assistance in #scripting or look at some open source scipts on the forums for guidance.
  9. https://discord.gg/zd3eGHcgMw sorry about that. Here is a link for you.
  10. Honestly a pretty good suggestion. I would suggest joining our discord and throwing it in the #suggestions chat.
  11. I apologize about this. If you could, could you get a screenshot and post it in the discord: https://discord.gg/pVPnsRChfN Thanks a bunch, MansNotHot
  12. Did this end up getting fixed for you? If not could you ask in the discord please? Once you ask there we can get you squared away with this issue.
  13. It should be working. The last time I used it, it would fish there with no problems. If you have any more problems please let us know in https://discord.gg/pVPnsRChfN 🙂
  14. Hello all, Decided to post the few videos of how to compile scripts made by @Zynava. If you are new to script writing/ not very sure on how to compile your first script and it also has a basic Scripting Tutorial. If you have any questions, Join our discord https://discord.gg/pVPnsRChfN IntelliJ Script Compiling Walkthrough: Epicbot Scripting Tutorial:
  15. Could you please post this in our discord server under Suggestions?
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