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  1. Was part of the old Epicbot community as a user, not really that active.
  2. Welcome to the forums. I'm a big Hardcore fan myself. Could absorb some knowledge from you.
  3. Same issue as above. Bot just sits with bank open on "Starting....". Tried burn all logs and burn just willows.
  4. Lol doesn't need area support to solve this? He added a fix for it. Thanks for your input though. 😉
  5. I know that. I'm saying that when it receives that message it should move on to another NPC in the area.
  6. Bug Description: Player attempts to attack the same stuck npc outside of fence. (In chicken pen attempting to fight chicken outside of gate for 20-30 clicks before moving.) How to recreate the bug: ^^ Screenshots/Videos/GIF: Manually stopped script and moved character before starting script to correct issue temporarily.
  7. Patience is key, once we are out of priv. beta api opens up.
  8. Welcome Otto! Another scripter. 😉
  9. Lmaoooo. The script above sounds like it’s going to be awesome. Definitely don’t quit the scripting but you might want to quit... nvm.
  10. Aloha


    Hello everyone I was an avid user of EpicBot before and looking for a sense of freshness. I also write scripts (mostly private) but looking to expand my catalog here.
  11. Glad to be back, things are looking smooth!
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