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  1. Please discuss with Harry on Discord as we don't give refunds unless you can provide evidence of not being able to run after given support by scripter
  2. https://discord.gg/BwGFQek4
  3. Hi, This is a new iteration of EpicBot; written from the ground up with new Developers and Scripters. This means we cannot offer you those scripts again as they are now defunct. Kind regards,
  4. I definitely think money making scripts will always have a place, why not try building a couple around that?
  5. Poor proto wanted memes and just got bullied instead 😞
  6. Euan


    Welcome to EpicBot
  7. Please read the pinned post in client support that Koala posted.
  8. Looks good smile, congrats on the first open source release of this new EpicBot era!
  9. Bot is currently down, working on a fix right now.
  10. As sellout has said, we're experience downtime for the last couple of days due to planned maintenance. Such news can be found on our discord: https://discord.gg/epicbot
  11. Haven't yet since I started using our client. Over 60m xp gained.
  12. Euan

    Agility AIO

    It is in the works currently.
  13. Yea; whatever patch you did yesterday Koala it now gets stuck for me after one wintertodt. It finishes 1 and doesn't do anything after.
  14. Suggestion that when using the stop at level or time it finishes the game that it's on at the time.
  15. How did you even notice this?
  16. Bug Description: When cleaning herbs sometimes misses the x button for the bank and then will one by one click them back into the bank; likes its trying to clean them. How to recreate the bug: Randomly happens when it misses the button. Screenshots/Videos/GIF:
  17. Euan


    Welcome to EpicBot
  18. As Hadi has said, it's essentially a new bot being written from the ground up. VIP and scripts will therefore not carry over as such.
  19. Euan


    Welcome to the forums!
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