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  1. got it working purchased a gem manually.. but i have iron dragons task and it gives error so i guess it doesnt support that one
  2. doesnt work for me, it tryed all the time to bank and depossit 10 coins and than Navigation failed.... whatever settings im using it tryed to bank all the time and does the same thing.
  3. seems it cant detect ice gloves i think thats the issue
  4. hey koala its a great script but have 2 suggestions for ya 1. dont Deposit bars/items everytime all - make it more random or logic, like when you have 1 bar left it deposit as just clicking it. or 9 swords depossit as 10 2. after leveled up dont click anvil everytime - click continue now and than (randomize) maybe make a taks system to run from lvlxx -to- lvlxx with different things to smith at anvil
  5. ice gloves is grayed in settings cant enable it but its equiped or inv
  6. when starting it fails to fill the coffer and goes weird and buggy... it hangs there chatting 0 all the time... if manual filled the coffer 50k than start again with ice gloves and coalbagg in inventory but it trows java error and does nothing! tryed equip the ice gloves but still the same error can u dubbel check and what do i do wrong...
  7. it works good but missing the option to drop gems and it collects ores when it reached 56 ores in sack (2 runs).. should be max ores or randomize more locations / randomize after deposites ores coal bagg support collected ores in paint progress break manager random afk after x seconds for x seconds overal its a good solid script ty for this koala ❤️
  8. devil1485

    Agility AIO

    Pick up mark of grace with random delay some random mis clicks afk for x seconds after x seconds anti patern / player sense paint with lvl and mark of grace collected support for energy potions fail safe
  9. Motherlode mine supported? 😄
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