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Pro Fighter by Sean is an all-in-one script for fighting npcs across Runescape. With support for just about any monster including dragons, abyssal demons, and more as well as many configurable options such as looting, alching, healing, special attacks, training goals, equipment upgrading, and more, Pro Fighter is there to help level your account and gain easy gp.
Pro Fighter features include:

Supported locations:
    ✔️ All locations currently supported by the Dax Walker:
        ✔️ All Cities (Except Lletya) including Zeah
        ✔️ Wilderness
        ✔️ Gnome Slayer Dungeon
        ✔️ Relleka Slayer Dungeon
        ✔️ Stronghold of Security
        ✔️ Most underground locations (Falador Mine, Varrock Sewers, etc)
Supported NPC's:
All NPC's with a standard fight cycle including dragons, Abyssal Demons, etc. Some NPC's with custom actions required such as Gargoyles, rock slugs, and desert lizards. Not supported are NPCs with custom fight cycles or special abilities (such as Demonic Gorillas).

Main features:    
✔️ Supports Preset and User generated profiles. Quickly get back to fighting with only a few mouse clicks!
✔️ Option to determine your fighting location using a center tile and check distance. Easily use the minimap to set up the perfect spot.
✔️ Option to define a requirement string for your profile. This can be used to ensure you have DFS equipped if fighting dragons, or to ensure you have a Dusty Key in your inventory if you're in taverley dungeon.
✔️ Easily pick NPCs to fight based on what is around you.
✔️ Food Type and count selection
✔️ Can configure the percent of your total health that you will eat at.
✔️ Option to heal with Guthans
✔️ Many looting options such as:
    ✔️ Looting by list. Load the drop table from your selected NPCs and loot any items that match your selections.
    ✔️ Loot by value. Loot any item over a value threshold determined by you.
    ✔️ Loot Bones. Loot all bones.
        ✔️ Option to bury bones.
    ✔️ Loot Arrows - Loot all arrows and bolts.
    ✔️ Option to only loot personal kills.
✔️ Ability to alch looted items. You select what items to alch.
✔️ Options to keep travel items in your inventory for quicker travel between tasks and the bank. This includes charged jewelry, ectophial, royal seedpod, and the dramen/lunar staff.
✔️ Ability to purchase new jewelry from the grand exchange when out of charges.
✔️ Ability to use special attacks in combat. Can swap weapons to use the special attack as well.
✔️ Ability to use a protection prayer of your choice.
✔️ Option to bank if out of prayer potions and withdraw a user configured number of prayer potions.
✔️ If using magic, the script will not deposit any runes.
✔️ Ability to use a safe spot. This will attempt to keep your character at the center tile.
✔️ Option for unreachable NPC's.
✔️ Cannon Supported
✔️ Automatic Equipment Upgrader:
    ✔️ Will automatically determine item progressions based on what your character is wearing when the script starts.
    ✔️ Will withdraw and equip any upgrades as your character levels up.
✔️ Potion support
✔️ Training Goals:
    ✔️ Has the ability to swap attack styles and profiles based on level goals. Example: Train attack, then strength, then defence to 10 using chickens. Then train attack, then strength, then defence to 20 using cows. All without turning off the script.

Pro Fighter GUI:
 GUI1.png GUI2.png GUI3.png GUI4.png GUI5.png GUI7.png

Pro Fighter Screenshots:


Monks.png Fighter.png

Edited by Sean
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On 9/28/2021 at 2:54 AM, CarleezyGaming said:

Will this thing fight sarachnis for me. Lol tired of this damn spider. 

nah its a pretty simple script that still has issues with something like Gargoyle´s the preset is in a slayer only area, script needs more presets for stuff like Brutal Black dragons 

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