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  1. Roflz

    Pro Fighter

    Hi, wondering how to set up the syntax for the requirement string. It works when I use "Equipped: 1234", but I can't get it to work if I want to equip more than one item. What would be the correct syntax to do that?
  2. Roflz

    Pro Thiever

    Thanks for the fixes! Stalls are working perfect, and im robbing the shit out of the master farmer, banking is working great. Great script!
  3. Roflz

    Pro Thiever

    Also seeing some issues with banking. It often will 'Attempt to open the bank', then it just turns around and goes back to the thieving location without ever opening the bank. Seems to just have a problem opening it quite often
  4. Roflz

    Pro Thiever

    Doesn't seem to be working at baker stalls in Ardougne. The script just does nothing, it doesn't seem to recognize the stalls. Also, the script doesn't seem to integrate with the Epic Bot scheduler + script settings. Usually you can select a saved profile in the scheduler and the script will automatically pick that when starting so that you don't have to be there to start it. With this script it seems that the GUI pops up when the script is scheduled, but then you have to manually load the profile and start the script through the GUI still.
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