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  1. when running the bot for GE south it trys to use the cooking guild bank even if account doen't have the skill level.
  2. the bot is not saving the profiles also it is having problems with finding all of the player options (fix sized window, esc to close, shift clic etc...). also if you could look into adding the bot option to pick females it seems to only randomize male accounts.
  3. GE-MainX

    Build A Farm

    It has been great so far with any problems I have had you guys have fixed them rather quickly. Accounts = 25 Bans = 18 Sold = 0 Total lvl's = 513 Locked = 4 1/5/21: Well the last month has been a two steps forward one step back. No real ban's per say just two accounts being locked, been thinking about just registering them to a burner email and suiciding them. we will have to see I got a few account ready to run on wintertodt, so ill have to get some membership codes. 16/5/21: so the last few weeks have work out very well no bans so far and have made a few mill off the accounts i have. with a few day of mems left on them i think ill had play them for the last few day so i just need to get the rest of my accounts ready for wintertodt. i think they have the fm and wc lvl i think they just need the clue hunter out fit, or ill just by some warm clothes from the ge or both to mix it up have not really thought about it.
  4. when using the break system at 30 min if inv has logs or kindling the bot will stand at the root, with the gui reading fletching root taking dmg the bot will stand there till it dies. it does not eat food or anything else. walking back after death even if there are teles in the bank it walks back and just stands at bank and does not re-enter the game to pick up gear. the bot doesn't seem to pick up on the pyro gear it will just bank it and go back to the game. suggestions : have a option to trade in the extra pyro gear would be nice finishing the clue hunter gear set options would be nice as well i love the script a lot it is very well done.
  5. GE-MainX

    Build A Farm

    Start date: 3/29/2021 Accounts = 28 Bans = 18 Sold = 0 Total lvl's = 723 20/4/21: It's a long game botting, it can look like it a no brainer the big problem when it comes to botting. I find is time, you can't really bot like you would if you a real player. well in my case I find it a little nerve-racking to be botting all the time. That's just how it is, when you first starting out I guess so all I can do is keep making accounts and trying to sell them. 27/4/21: Wow the last week has been murder; Botting full time can really take it out of you, do any of you still get stressed out when botting. I hand played one account this weekend just short of 36 hr total, giving me a lot planning the future of my bot farm. I only have one computer at this time getting two more when I head back home. Planning on using the break system more, some of the scripts don't work with it but I've been posting about it in discord and the forums. their on top of it right now the client is pretty new so customer is very important, I hope they are also planning more for the future as well.
  6. well when you play by had you can only be click perfect for so long .
  7. pro miner is still having a problem with leaving the rune ess mining area. it will mine a full inv then just stand there, when i click the portal it just stand there and then i have to restart it.
  8. ask for a reset and give you forum name
  9. i have put way to much of my life in this game to stop.
  10. 2,600 but this account is super old
  11. well this is my first and only unbotted rs account
  12. the save profile is not saving anything, its putting it into the folder there is just nothing on it.
  13. I was looking for a way to make some side money remembered I botted in 2011. googled and found it, turns out its not the same but better.
  14. i've been reading about this in the discord, i can't wait to get my hands on this and take shot at some mad gp.
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