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  1. the script does not save anything with in the settings file.
  2. GE-MainX

    Muling script

    it could work but it would come down to how they programed the client. would love to know if it could be done?
  3. GE-MainX

    Build A Farm

    4/8/21: Look's like my email change worked so far all of my account's are still unbanned and running. today i will have gp from my 2 day ban on a MPa, so that one will become a botting mule so this weekend i will make one of my account mems and try to rock a few quest and mems skills. ill have to get a few more skills up before doing so 2 days should be more then the time needed. log 1: the day went well I'm starting to formulate a plan on the next few step, knowing the end goal makes it easier but still have to learn how to get there. if i can get this going i can be making about 30 acco
  4. I've gotten a few account banned (Build a farm) still learning as i go along. you'll find very little info on botting most if not all the people who do it are willing to share their secrets . the best trick i can give you is figure out why your botting then go from there.
  5. pro miner can't leave the ess mining area this is f2p if that matters.
  6. at the bank after doing polling, inside the room the bot will sometimes misclick and try moving to the next thing. tell I restart the prompt to talk to account guide. later update: it also doesn't save it setting
  7. GE-MainX

    Build A Farm

    idk what rmt is ? so i couldn't tell you
  8. GE-MainX

    Build A Farm

    update last update in main post: one of my hand played acc got banned today didn't see that coming. so now im a little down in the dumps, about it but still looking into getting my farm up and running soon.
  9. @Koala quest: rune mystery, when done talking to the duke the bot clicks to travel toward the gen store. i click the stairs for it and then it headed to the wizards tower, when it made it to the bottom floor it then did nothing till i opened the door to the head wizard. would there be a chance to get savable profiles, i see the options there but they do nothing. thank you for your hard work
  10. i can't wait to start using this script
  11. GE-MainX

    RS3 or OSRS?

    RS3 i like its QOL fixes for the game, yes you can say it make the game easier I'm not a fan of all the updates. i really only missed the pvp in osrs being the only reason i play old school, im also no good at it.
  12. welcome hope to talk more with you
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