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Pro Smither


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Pro Smither




Current Features:

🐨 Popular location support 🐨

🐨 Supports all smelting bars🐨

🐨 Supports all smithing items 🐨


Planned Features:

 🐨 Progressive Mode 🐨

🐨 Stop conditions 🐨

🐨 Profiles 🐨

🐨 Restocking 🐨

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fixed: bug report: when smelting bars and it gets level up dialog it thinks its finished and walks to the bank.

and a suggestion: let the bot withdraw 14 copper and 14 tin (it would be just 2 mouse clicks) instead of withdrawing 14 copper and right click on tin to withdraw all, in other words set withdraw equivalent to 14 for withdrawing copper/tin to smelt bronze bars.

new suggestion( 12-05-2020 )

when smelting bars in edgeville the bots clicks on the furnace icon on the minimap it would be nice to make those clicks more random like in the furnace house itself.

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hey koala its a great script but have 2 suggestions for ya

1. dont Deposit bars/items everytime all - make it more random or logic, like when you have 1 bar left it deposit as just clicking it. or 9 swords depossit as 10

2. after leveled up dont click anvil everytime - click continue now and than (randomize)

maybe make a taks system to run from lvlxx -to- lvlxx with different things to smith at anvil

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