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  1. Any chance on adding level 4 enchant to this?
  2. Thank you very much for the quick fix!
  3. So I just purchased this script today, not sure about the other features but I've been using the Super Heat Item on Iron and it will do 1 full load in the inventory then go to bank and stops. Says I have ran out of ores but I have over 10K ores in the bank? Edit I don't know if there's a setting to change how many loops it does but seems to just do 1 full inventory and stop.
  4. Use this for the past few days, great script! Only recommendation I would add to it is add prayer options, other than that though well done!
  5. Do you need to be maxed combat ish for this to work? What's the lowest reqs?
  6. Awesome I can't wait!
  7. Does this support blast furnace?
  8. Idk if I'm extremely lucky, but I've been back into OSRS and botting now since November and have yet to catch a ban or anything. Been logging 12+ hours a day on 3 different accounts.
  9. Pro Slayer looks amazing, can't wait to purchase it!
  10. Was literally just wondering that myself.
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