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EpicBot Early Private Beta Access Spots are OPEN!

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Hello everyone! The early private beta access group is intended for early access to the very first version of EpicBot for user testing. It will be given to active members of EpicBot to help aid i

Added Added Added Added Added Added Added Added --- As for the rest, will be manually checking everyone else soon and will add some more p

All of you guys are added! Check out the beta channel on Discord and the new shiny rank (for now) 😄

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 Discord name - Tęddÿ

I’ve been using epic bot since 2012, I still have the samE account I botted with, I would love to tesT your new client. I’m sure it’s outstanding. I’ve been botting i since i was 11/12. I have a couple accounts I will run the beta on one is 100+ combat the other is an iron man. I would truly appreciate early access, I have a keen eye for botting I’d be able to spot the smallest of details 

I posted two images of email’s from back in 2012 I’ve received from you all to prove that I’ve been using your client for awhile. 

thanK you

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edit: no clue if u want a motivation for why, but I would be very interested in both the clients progression and also the api if possible for helping out with script delivering. I have high hopes and are also looking to create a nice questing script with alot of quests that usually arent being done by scripts. if you have any further questions lmk also keep up the good work! 🙂

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