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  1. seph

    Pro Agility

    Nice release :)
  2. Hallowed Sepulchre Not sure if even possible, Or I mean it's ofc possible but I haven't really seen it before if I'm not wrong. Would be a nice thing to have something unique like this.
  3. I pray for them and keep up the good work! 🙂
  4. Enjoying ur videos keep up the good work! 😄
  5. seppe#0001 edit: no clue if u want a motivation for why, but I would be very interested in both the clients progression and also the api if possible for helping out with script delivering. I have high hopes and are also looking to create a nice questing script with alot of quests that usually arent being done by scripts. if you have any further questions lmk also keep up the good work! 🙂
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