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Pro Raids Scouter released - 5mil/hour anyone?

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Want to learn how to make 5m+/hour botting on OSRS EASILY? Well look no further then our latest script to be released than the Pro Raids Scouter. It does EXACTLY what you think it does, it scouts raids, will ping you in your own discord server when you find some, and even tell you roughly what it's roughly worth! During our testing we were able to hit OVER 5m+ of raids sold in an hour... AN HOUR!

Pro Raids Scouter (one time):

Pro Raids Scouter (monthly):

Still not sure how this works? No worries, @MansNotHot has you covered with an excellent video of him setting up the bot... and even finding two raids live during the video recording and making a quick 800K in just a few minutes! It's that simple.

What does 5M+ of raids look like? LIKE THIS!

Another screenshot by user Supernova of raids he found in ONE hour as well:

DON'T WAIT - This script will increase in price after a few sales because you can make THAT much money on it and we want to keep the people who buy it making money!

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