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  1. I left a long time ago as staff. What I was told by one of the admins here is that the old forums end old client have been completely removed. The client is being rebuild from the start to provide an even better experience and because of that all of the scripts have to be rewritten too. Maybe @Euan can elaborate?
  2. I remember you 🙂 Thanks @Mint. Yeah, it's good to see all of these familiar names :). I've been in contact with Euan now and then, even after leaving EB before, so I sometimes got updated on what was going on. BTW - I've pm'ed you. Perhaps you have missed it ;).
  3. Was a staff member back in the day. Can't even remember when I first joined EB. Probably from the beginning. @DeadlyLazy are you lazycory?
  4. Hi! New to these forums, but certainly not new to EB. I've been around since the beginning of EB. Been through various ups and downs with the community as a whole which will always have a place somewhere in me. Therefore I thought of checking what EB's like and I must say I am very pleased with what I see. The forums look sick! Well done @Euan. Some information about what I did for EB. Back in the day I was extremely active in the marketplace. I ran my own gold selling / buying services, have traded numerous accounts and eventually set up my own gold farming farm. My activity was picked up by then Head Market Mod and Super moderator Nstark who invited me to join as a staff member focussing on being a middleman at first (OMMV it was called). Eventually I became a moderator with main focus on market and non-rs related stuff. At some point in time the staff team was reorganized due to dissatisfaction of how EB was ran and dissatisfaction on the community as a whole. At that point I became a super moderator regulating all of the forums. @Eran was an S-mod at the time too, but did do admin-related stuff such as sponsorships. Eventually my interest in RS was gone and therefore I had no reason to do anything with EB. I became inactive and only now and then came back to say hi. Planning to stick around some more now! - Hadi
  5. Hi there. Remember me? I started out as a middleman in the era of NStark and Imhotep and where Neji was still active. Eventually became market moderator solo running the whole market with 300+ vouches. Ended up as a Super Moderator. Good old MSN communication times. Fun fact on your helper GIF. I had the OG Signature made by PitchGFX, it is the attached OMMV Signature. It was liked by the staff so I asked PitchGFX if he could make this for all of the staff at the time, however he wouldn't. Your signature and all of the other staff signatures eventually were recreated by somebody else.
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