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  1. Yes,I remember you being a Super Mod and running the market. Good ol' EB days.. Welcome back dear friend. Thank you!
  2. Discord: Halzemere#5241 This wouldn't be my first rodeo. I'm be glad to help with testing and reporting any feedback.
  3. Welcome! Please make sure to read the rules and avoid mentioning other products on these forums. We look forward to one of your scripts in a future.
  4. Thank you! All good here, hope you doing well 👍.
  5. I believe it's OSRS since more play than RS3. Welcome!
  6. Hello everyone, Not sure how many old folks might remember my old username: "Silentcore X". I used to be a helper on these forums before this new forum/client update. From time to time I would come back to check for any updates. Here I am after checking back once again and finding out everything has changed. I am excited once again to be given the chance to help testing scripts and with the same mentality try to help the community out. My main goal is to create an active community where we can all help each other out. Whether it's setting a script up or any sort of Rs advices. EDIT: Found the old Helper Gif
  7. Halzemere


    Hi @WYD, 100% know who you are. Would love to see some of your excellent scripts for Epicbot. Cheers!
  8. Just casually checking back to see how things are. Surprise! New looks.... *logs in with old account and finds out it doesn't exist* *creates new account with different name than before* and here I am. Thank you!
  9. Maybe if one shares some kind of progress. The community can reply with the max stack cash since they are making money.
  10. Been here since around 10 years ago. I would always stop by and check every month or so to see if there were any updates. Now that they are in process of updating, I have come back with a complete username to these forums.
  11. I like cooking and fletching but mining is also one of my top favorite skills because I like to smith the ores after.
  12. Halzemere

    RS3 or OSRS?

    I've been playing RS3 for a while but I have got to the point where I want to focus on OSRS. And with Epicbot returning better than ever, this is a perfect time.
  13. The number one reason: Nostalgia. When I'm watching random youtube videos, usually I come across with a Runescape video and it brings me back memories. What I end up doing is coming back to the game and trying out the new things about the game. Even skilling the old ways seem to be a good time when playing.
  14. Usually I like to run with 2-3 account for profit and then transferring the profit to my main account to play legit and have access to the faster training methods. It makes it much easier to think about the extra money coming in from the side accounts.
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