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  1. Would love to help test the client and report any issues i find. My discord is Kittyrgnarok/Buy the Dip#0986 I am in the discord server already
  2. Like sellout said, the ability to automate and manage clients is a huge plus and its one of the main reasons as to why ive stuck with my current client fo r for so long. Aside from that the most important thing in my eyes is the api really which isnt so much a feature. A lot of older clients have absolute trash apis, the only one or two have an api that could be considered modern so im hoping that this client provides good competition in that regard
  3. Profit, profit, profit. Ran a few farms with decent success and then less and now decent success again. Used to play the game a ton legit but never macro'd or botted my accounts. Lately its been more of a project for fun and bettering my java skills. The side income is certainly a nice bonus though 🙂
  4. Brand new to EpicBot community but looking forward to being active in the community going forward
  5. Its ya boi NewFeathers. Been writing scripts for quite a while and have had pretty good success with it even lately despite the ban rates most people report. Im certainly excited to try out a new client and new api though so i can't wait for epicbot release. Might even end up releasing a few free public scripts depending on how it goes and what ends up already being available.
  6. These puns are painful. Should set em on fire with this script 😄
  7. Okay but is it faster than mine tho?
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