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Pro Quester

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Pro Quester

Available here:


A new quest will be added every week. If you have any suggestions for quests please let me know.

Current supported quests:

F2P Quests:

Quest Name Quest Points
Cook's Assistant 1
Doric's Quest 1
Ernest the Chicken 4
Goblin Diplomacy 5
Imp Catcher 1
Restless Ghost 1
Romeo and Juliet 5
Rune Mysteries 1
Sheep Shearer 1
Vampire Slayer 3
X Marks the Spot 1
The Knight's Sword 1

P2P Quests:

Quest Name Quest Points
Black Knights' Fortress 3
Clock Tower 1
Druidic Ritual 4
Dwarf Cannon 1
Eagles' Peak 2
Enter the Abyss 1
Fishing Contest 1
Gertrude's Cat 1
Hazeel Cult 1
Lost City 3
Monk's Friend 1
Nature Spirit 2
Plague City 1
Priest in Peril 1
Temple of the Eye 1
The Feud 1
Tree Gnome Village 2
Waterfall Quest 1
Witch's Potion 1

Dragon Slayer I           1
The Grand Tree           5
Jungle Potion              1
Shilo Village                2
The Fremmenik Trials  3
The Dig Site                2

Total quest points: 68

Next up: Lunar Diplomacy

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we will Believe more if you can Done All quest Member To have Quest cape of course and all access of world of runescape needed quest to go

will be an most and 50$/months with 230 questpoint 200+quest for member , Everybody he will be happy on 2 way 😉

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On 3/19/2024 at 12:46 AM, nocapture said:

if the monkey madness will come i will buy it for sure !!

Yes for sure. Just released an update with a new quest: The Fremmenik Trials.

Lunar Diplomacy is next.

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