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EpicBot Troubleshooting FAQ


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EpicBot Troubleshooting FAQ


Where can I download the bot?

Download here and select your Operating System.

How do I setup the bot?

Here is a video and here is a guide that should help. 


How do I sign in to the bot?

Use your forum login/password. If you get "invalid password", make sure you've accepted the confirmation email.


Where can I find the JavaDocs?



How many bots can I run?

Free users can run:
Up to 5 SDN Scripts, but only 1 Local Script

VIP Users can run:
Up to 50 SDN Scripts, but only 25 Local Scripts

VIP+ Users can run:
Up to 100 SDN Scripts, but only 50 Local Scripts


Where can I buy scripts?

You can buy scripts here and then you'll see them in the client.


Where can I see the free scripts?

Just start the client and you'll see them in the script selector!


I'm having an issue starting the client on a Mac?

You'll have to run the following command on the loader directory.

chmod -R +x ./

Here is a quick guide on what that looks like:



Where can I report a bug in a script?

Join the discord and post in the #bugs channel.


Where can I make a suggestion?

Join the discord and post in the #suggestions channel.


Scripts can sometimes take awhile to start?

We promise we're working on it! That's currently at the top of the priority list.


The client says failed creating runescape applet?

Remove the gamepack.jar in your EpicBot folder (ex. C:\Users\Koala\EpicBot) and restart.


I received a maximum number of instances error?

Join the discord and post in the #help channel with your forum username.


Have a question that isn't listed here?

Join the discord and post in the #help channel!

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