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  1. Noice! :D One thing that comes up from the top of my head, is the way you pass the CTX into the functions and also the class Try doing what's below: private final Data data; private final Bank bank; private final Fish fish; private final Walk walk; private final Inventory inventory; @Override public boolean onStart(String... strings) { data = new Data(getAPIContext()); bank = new Bank(getAPIContext()); fish = new Fish(getAPIContext()); walk = new Walk(getAPIContext()); inventory = new Inventory(getAPIContext()); new Gui(getAPIContext()); System.out.println("Staring veedsFisher"); return true; } That way, you don't need to pass it for each function since you already declared it as ctx in your sub-class :)
  2. Because they're free and supposed to act as trials for the premium versions.
  3. It's the same exact solution, only difference is I packaged up the files so it's cleaner, while vulpes3 uploaded them one by one 😛
  4. Make sure the jars are in the epicbot/dependencies folder, and not in a epicbot/dependencies/dependencies folder
  5. dependencies.rar Extract the jar files attached into your c:/users/USERNAME/EpicBot/Dependencies
  6. Yes and no. Detection is still mostly down to behaviour. If they could detect clients that easily, it'd be better and easier for them to just insta ban you as soon as you log in instead of wasting their resources
  7. Reflection mode is much in Alpha, it's not usable right now but will be at some point in the future @j35t3r
  8. NewEpicBotMacOSTutorial (1).pdf Also right click the file, click open, and then open again (don't ask, it's a mac thing)
  9. Please stick to English. translate.google.com For free, either maximum 5 SDN instances or 1 Local script, and 4 SDN instances
  10. Proto


    @nfechoclixo Please stick to English. I've reset your instances. You should be good to go. Also for anyone wondering what google translate says: 'Ae bosses for the love of God altissimo helps me get back to put 5 account in active that I need feed my babies and now I will be born another more even more rs rs rs, my team and the chicago bull rune game 16 years old I am 29 and I live in brazil bauru sp, can you help me please? give attention to the family and kindness I really need it, you know, I’m going to put a vip on it, but you know how it’s with anxiety and fuck guys, but give attention to it and guys for the love of our God.'
  11. We don't accept osrs gp. Only PayPal for now. For one account, you don't need VIP, just need the scripts (you can make your own too)
  12. You have a maximum of 5 SDN instances, or 1 local and 4 SDN instances for free. If you want more, best would be VIP/VIP+. osrs gp will be accepted at some point probably
  13. https://epicbot.com/javadocs/ Look for dialogue api again
  14. No need to add sleeps after every action 😛 Most functions return you a boolean based on if it was successful or not. I'd also add some more checks, for example, if you lag for a sec, you'll be missing steps and you're not confirming your functions actually succeeded or not, waiting 5 seconds between each one because it's not doing what the code is expecting etc
  15. Update is out if anything, lemme know if it fixed the things you were having issues with 🙂
  16. @amellrin Last update I pushed had to get rolled back. It'll be back up again updated when Suko approves the update
  17. Only thing you can do right now, is when you close it, do it tab by tab instead of closing the entire client. Suko is working on a new SDN that should fix issues like these but no ETA for now.
  18. No private script sales allowed, Plus pro cooker should be able to do this
  19. Proto

    Muling script

    Koala was working on one, not sure of status but if he decides to not use release it, I'll modify my schedule based one at some point
  20. Script works again now, was an issue on the backend of things 🙂
  21. What @Sellout said + no private script sales are allowed at this point in time.
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