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  1. I use to bot years ago but I quit Runescape when the EOC came out and been back for almost a year. Although I wasnt botting at first and got back into botting the last 4 months. Epicbot was a client I used years back aswell. Its glad to seem the team are back at it and doing a great job.
  2. Mirror mode would be awesome. (It straps itself onto the original OSRS client)
  3. On the homepage it says the bot has humanlike mouse movement. IMO the mouse movement on this bot is far more humanlike then I have seen in any other client aswell. The developers have done a really good job with it.
  4. CnPx

    Some suggestions

    The free fighter script is great. It will take food from the bank. Also uses charged jewelry to teleport and buys more when the charges run out (Make sure to have this option checked). It has in depth settings for looting and presets aswell.
  5. Profit definitely. I am trying out HC iron man accounts as a side thing at the moment just to see if they make good money when it comes to selling the account.
  6. I am currently getting as many accounts trained up with good defense stats so when a runecrafting script gets released I can have an abyss farm.
  7. When running your bots be sensible and customize breaking personally I make breaks unique for every account I use. Also be realistic. No one is going to play runescape solid for 15 hours per day. A good time is around 5 to 8 hours per day with breaks in-between. Some people do but I choose not to and thats to bot tutorial island. I prefer not to do this and get it done by hand and then sometimes (If i can be bothered) is to do a couple quests like sheep sheerer and cooks assistant by hand aswell. Then maybe just maybe I will kill a few cows or something whilst watching youtube. I like to make
  8. CnPx#6918 I was quite a few hours late but I hope I can get a slot. Thank you to all the hard work put in by all the development team. The scripts are realistic and can tell allot of hard work went into creating such an awesome OSRS bot.
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  10. Yh ofcourse I should of said how detectable lol 😄 Would be awesome of bots could go fully undetectable thou but on the other hand too many people would be doing it and items would hold no value so so even thou it sucks being banned atleast there is a positive note to it aswell. Im just testing out a few accounts for around 4 - 5 hours per day so gonna find out how well they get on. Judging by how the bot acts i'm feeling confident that they will do well. Can't wait to see more scripts. Koala said he is going to be working on an Runecrafting script which is main thing I like to train and its fa
  11. Just got to say im testing out this bot and its amazing. Cant wait for it to be further developed. Just tested the free fighter script and its complete with more options then I have seen on any other fighter scripped. Being honest when I seen on the home page human like mouse movement I did not expect it to be as "human like" as it is. Really good job to all the development team.
  12. I remember this bot from around 2012 or somewhere around that time. Glad to see the team is back. Anyone here tell me how the scripts are and how undetected they are? edit: Please add a runecrafting script? 😄
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