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  1. Bruh its not even in beta yet they're not gonna just give everyone access so they dont have a monoply for few weeks till its in full release plus scripts are free until full launch which is pretty cool of them. Just be patient and wait the few months till full launch and then you can get your grubby little hands on the api lol
  2. @Dionysus Im not a mod or anything but i think you will have access to API when it is fully launched and why would you want to write a script if we dont have access to the client yet lol
  3. A feature that i would love to see is auto muling (i know this is probably something that a scripter would make not a dev) and if you guys have reflection supporting proxies while using it. apart from that you guys look like you have everything and more 🙂
  4. I found an old sythe tread from like 2015 or something talking about all the botting clients out at the time and i was clicking on all of the links to see if the clients websites were still running or to see if anyone had taken the domain and then came across this lol
  5. I say i do it for profit but im sure i could find some other way to make me money that would be a lot better then what botting is paying me, so i would call it more of a hobby due to my love for automation and seeing how far both jagex and botting clients will go.
  6. I dont know if you are still looking but i got afew
  7. Gz on realse 🙂 How long has this been in the works for?
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