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Market Rules


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These rules are to be followed at all times by all other community members. Breaking any rule can cause your account to be permanently suspended by EpicBot with or without warning.

Market Guidelines

The participation in the EpicBot market is completely at your own risk! Scamming is not allowed, but use your common sense to detect scams and scammers. EpicBot staff will not always judge in the event of scamming and therefore also sometimes refrain from punishments being applied to users, unless it's a very clear case. There are several reasons for this:

If the EpicBot staff is the jury in scam cases, corruption of staff members will be inevitable in the future as the market grows. First of all because there will be a need for more moderators in charge of the market, thus creating a less controlled environment, and second and most important of all is that moderators could be tempted to take money or have ulterior hidden motives to favor one in front of the other. 

Our community needs to be aware that trading of virtual items is always an event bringing risk into the situation. We want you to pay attention, thus not simply rely on the staff team to back you up in case something goes wrong, for example getting scammed.

General Market Rules

1. EpicBot is not liable for any of your losses using our market and will not refund in any way, shape or form on behalf of members of our community. If you are scammed, you can post a report in the appropriate section.

2. No external links to other websites providing vouches or services are allowed, everything must be from within the EpicBot community.

3. EpicBot accounts are not to be sold, rented or shared. They are meant to be personal and not to be distributed from player to player.

4. Please keep in mind that the following items are not to be sold on the EpicBot Market for your own safety. Doing so, will result in immediate removal of your thread, and possibly more severe consequences depending on the item you're trying to promote:

  • NSFW content
  • Auths or cracks
  • Torrents/Movies/Music
  • PayPal accounts no limitation removal/verifications
  • Virtual bank accounts
  • Website invites
  • Social network services or accounts
  • Loans
  • Blackhat tools
  • Selling nude photos/web cam shows
  • Microsoft software
  • Amazon services
  • Subscription accounts

These rules can be changed at any time at Administrator discretion to punish you or delete your thread for any reason said Administrator sees fit.

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