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  1. Good scrib, just one note on the image downloading, no need for all of that private Image background = null; try { URL url = new URL(image URL here); background = ImageIO.read(url); Set } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } and in on paint g.drawImage(background, 1, 1, null);
  2. Something is blocking your connection. Check your A/V software, or anything that tracks and modifies internet traffic. Also, if you're using proxies, use them in the client, and not via software like proxifier.
  3. post your best EB memes I guess
  4. afaik, there are no chrome os users on this forum, as laptops running it are not made to run anything other than chrome. Your best bet would be getting a laptop that run Windows, otherwise, you will struggle a lot to run epicbot.
  5. You need to download openjdk8 first. Then download epicbot, extract it into a directory and open up a terminal window in that directory. Run this command there: chmod -R +x ./ Just as a note, best practice is to not use apt installer if you have no idea what you're doing (could download some stuff that could break your entire laptop)
  6. From a runescape botting video connoisseur, to a low life scripter like us 😄 Welcome ❤️
  7. OSRS and RS3 are two separate games. Both with their own dev teams and communities. The only things that are linked, is the login account. You can use your RS3 login on OSRS. No items or skills are transferred because the games are completely different.
  8. can this sort out this equation? x³+y³+z³=k Nice btw 😛
  9. NewEpicBotMacOSTutorial.pdf
  10. Good snippet 😄 ps. there is formatting for java code that makes code look nicer in your post 🙂
  11. I'll suggest for it to be added to the API 😄
  12. Nice code! The API already has conditional sleeps! Time.sleep(int timeout, booleanSupplier) @Ayylmao420
  13. No need to post again, it'll be announced when it's back up 😛
  14. I don't use linux currently, but I'd advise against using centOS. It's outdated af, anything other than centos will come with a working and up to date package manager 😆
  15. that would be down to your xserver, not much you can do without re-installing a different one or using a different distro @grassgoblin
  16. Try running this: java -cp epicbot-loader-1.0.jar com.epicbot.loader.Boot
  17. Scripts will be back soon. Some will be made premium after the Christmas period
  18. This is not sellout

  19. Proto

    Range guild

    Probably will have one out soon-ish
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