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  1. Hello! This is my second script that I have ever written, so don't expect anything too crazy. It enchants sapphire rings for you, making 200k per hour. What you need : 1. Have cosmic runes in your inventory 2. Have sapphire rings in your bank From my intensive testing on 10+ accounts for 2 weeks, the script works flawlessly and it logs out when you run out of resources. If you want to see me writing the script and explaining what's what along the way, you can check out this video! import com.epicbot.api.shared.APIContext; import com.epicbot.api.shar
  2. I couldnt find bug report place, but i am here to do exactly that. Feel free to delete this comment afterwards. The script seems to run into issues at the end of fletching cycle when stringing yew longbows. Perhaps it is also like that with other features. It tries to bank while string is selected - thus failing to bank and stuck in an infinite loop. Also please add a check for both bows and strings, otherwise it will sill try to withdraw bows even tho it has none - but it has strings. Thats all, thank you!
  3. Im on it man! Created 2 more after this one 😄
  4. no longer at 69 posts lmaoooo 70 now get cucked
  5. I have got to let you know that this is my first time trying to do anything even closely related to programming, so don't expect anything crazy. This is just a simple flax picker that picks flax, goes to spin the flax into bowstrings and then banks them. After that its on repeat. I created this because I am running a Youtube series about botting my ironman account and I really wanted to do bowstrings to alch the bows later. No way was I gonna do it by hand - that's why this script was created. Start the script anywhere near Seers Village. If you want to be safe, start it in the ban
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