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  1. Was hoping someone could make a script for this. let me know if possible?
  2. can someone add capability for varrock sewer. the slashing web function to access moss giannts would be great
  3. Script tries to bank at cooking guild instead of GE can that be fixed?
  4. cant seem to get the crafter to work for EB on mac but that might be a convo for a different thread
  5. Would love to see a script for this. seems like it should be super simple, may write my own but i have no experience so wth do i know. if someone can make this would be dope!
  6. i got banned on 2 accounts yesterday. luckily they hadnt been long standing accounts. 1 got banned on tutorial island, 1 got banned fighting chickens. i Accidentally clicked new user on the client and was banned ip banned on the rs website probably a few hours before my first ban so i suspect taht has something to do with it. also an account i made afterwards on my phone then tried to sign into EB on my mac got banned in an hour. Questions; 1. Do you guys use proxies to make accounts or just to bot? which do you use? any tips? 2. is it better(cost efficiency) to purchase accounts for botting rather than create them using the pro script. 3. i have several computers and maybe 1000 or 2000 USD ready to dedicate to starting a bot farm but don't want to fuck up and waste the cash. Any suggestions guides or walkthrough or maybe just a checklist with requirements and preliminary steps i can take to make this a reality.
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