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  1. Automation features to make scaling simple, and AI implementation to produce human-like mouse movement and actions.
  2. It's a sad story but they are now in good hands of humans who truly care for animals! So I live in the United States while my farmers are in the Phillipines but their new apartment is a big size upgrade! I think about 3x larger than the previous one they had. --- One of the dogs just had puppies! Our orders have gone up a lot recently! We will continue to save many more.
  3. So I started a RuneScape services recently and I have this great team in the Phillipines that is helping out. Recently they have moved into this new apartment and I thought that I would share some photos. One of the things they like to do when not playing RuneScape is rescuing dogs that are abandoned by others or do not have a home. They currently have 6 rescues and are looking into getting much more. This last dog here was bathed in heating oil by the old owner in an attempt to remove fleas, but she now has a home and is on the way to recovery.
  4. I just found out about this bot from one of my friends and am excited to try it!
  5. I plan to bot for the purpose of profit and to support the developers and traders of various botting communities. For any accounts that players will use to play as mains I believe they should always be hand done to prevent bans.
  6. OSRS, RS3 actually has some great potential with the story and bosses, but the game is too microtransaction heavy and now OSRS is getting its own versions of Pre-EOC and OSRS content.
  7. Vorkath, I like the mechanics involved and how it's a departure from quest bosses where you mostly eat and autoattack. I like much of the new content which involves more movement and has specialized mechanics.
  8. This is the first time that I have heard of it. The project looks interesting and I'm looking forward to trying it.
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