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  1. Another progress update/bug: I found that randomly the bot will get stuck at the brazier as the round ends and does not go to bank or continue. If I click anywhere on the screen it will continue running, otherwise it just sits there. It seems to occur when still at the brazier firemaking and an XP drop for firemaking occurs at the same time that an XP drop for the minigame ending occurs, but only have had it happen a few times so far so not sure that's the exact trigger. Also seemingly happens when logs are still in inventory when minigame ends.
  2. Also, the clue hunt worked great for everything up through the trousers aside from me having to manually charter just so you know!
  3. Awesome! Willing to help if you need more details just let me know. I can help with logs, timing of the issue, whatever you need. Also updated the post with 2 other bugs that I found.
  4. Hey there, nice script overall. Some bugs I ran into while using it: Clicks minimap too quickly every time when entering wintertodt (screen is still loading when it clicks) Eats at full hp pretty often If eating multiple food, clicks the 2nd food too quick as the animation from first eat hasnt finished Clicks through level up dialogues rather than just continuing what it is doing Slow response times to getting hit by the boss before reacting and continuing doing what it was doing (fming, fletching, wcing) EDIT: working after a few rounds of playing. Doesn't go to another brazier when one goes out Goes for helmet on the clue outfit hunt before going for torso The first 6 bugs cause the script to seem very botlike, just figured id share that with you. Other than that, script works great. Hope your able to implement something to help with that. Let me know if I can help in any way.
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