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    @Sean Four issues: - Script bought 100 salt when I had to kill like 120 rockslugs so it banked during the task. - I don't really understand why I have to enter the amount of food I want to bring. Normally you want to bring as much food as possible. The exact amount depends on if the script decides to use prayer or not. Quickfix would be to take food instead of potions when the script decides not to use potions -The script decided to use protect from melee during the ice giants tasks. Which I thought was fine, until I noticed that it ignored the prayer potions in my inventor
  2. @Proto It misclicks while closing the bank extremely often. It's like 30% chance of getting a misclick. Ridiculous. It also cleans herbs way too fast like only a bot can do
  3. Actually it's more like once every 2 hours. I have to constantly monitor it and correct it when it has the string selected and tries to bank.
  4. I have had the same issue several times. Happens once in ~5 hours. See comment above. Looks like it's not fixed yet.
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