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  1. doesnt close withdraw option when it takes cakes out of bank
  2. nice, it also sometime stops after script chop down the tree, status:cutting tree - and does nothing when you dont click on next tree
  3. Hey when i selected cut+fletch script doesnt select anything to fletch atleast at lvl 1, so i choosed to create arrow shafts, and after lvl pop up it doesnt continue either. And also it doesnt withdraw new axe from bank when i selected auto upgrade axe
  4. Stops like this on lvl 5, lvl 15 when it pops up bigger fish notification in game, so i guess it will stop at lvl 33, 62, 82 too, when i hit continue/close pop up, the script continue normally.
  5. ProStreet#5129 hope there is spot for me, i want to help test scripts and post bug reports
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