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  1. Goatmilk

    RS3 or OSRS?

    Osrs all the way. The eoc just feels like a cheap cheesy WOW knock off to me. Osrs is a style all its own.
  2. Will there be a bot for osrs? Or Is it just on rs3?
  3. Goatmilk


    Ok thanks. I guess everything changes with time lol
  4. Goatmilk


    Is the chat box gonna come back? That was nice to chat with other users while babysitting the bot.
  5. I'm a returning user my old username was goatmilk19 I think I joined around 2011ish just a wild guess. I loved the bot.
  6. Sweet so. Our old purchases won't transfer? Just curious. And how do u get vip?
  7. This is great. So is the app under the same owner? Or ? My old login didn't work. Is the bot basically being started over?
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