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New here need help for free scrips and how to embed or use the scrips in forums? Just use epic bot client or need a AHK editor or other script editor? Ty


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Hi all

im a OLD player from back in 07 then after eoc I started RSPS maybe 2 hrs after and played heaps of them and made trillions but all lost mostly and all super easy to play and awuire now I want challenge of real RS and OSRs on MOBILE! And PC IS AMAZING! Cant BELIVE I didn’t start earlier.


anyway mainly I was checking this forums FREE SCRIPTS. Now I have a couple questions. HOW safe are they? The code? And what client do we add the code to? Just use the EpicBot Client?? Like I was looking at the crafting all free And OS open source but the code I don’t know where is put it to use it and or learn to change it for when they bug?? Is it just the Epic Bot app? Somewhere inside the app? Or do we need an AHK editor or another tool to edit the scripts to then inject or run etc.??


I am new to SCRIPT Botting with new or edited codes but it’s safest so I want to learn any resources be greatly appreciated. But yeah are the codes used I. The epic bot client or what do I need to edit scripts like that are in the FreeBots > Crafting Gold Amulets or all crafting > open and see the script embedded. Then a fix is added I BELIVE down below that recognises the Gold bars in the bank which the Origional didn’t. 

thha ms just for reference that is.


any help amazing cheers

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