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  1. Hi Guys, Suddenly starting this error this morning, any idea?
  2. ok cheers, thats defiently a good idea - i do as much human like hours as possible - so do like 4 hours here then 9 hours there and then have breaks like a day here and there.
  3. Legend! thank you so much! - working flawlessly so that answers the question no i wasn't running fixed mode - can i ask what is the longer sleep for?
  4. The script says its running in fixed mode - when i click pause and unpause it'll start on a tree then stop - then when i do it again it'll either run to the bank and stay there or cut that same tree then stop, also yeah seen its stuck on settings menu in game - no worries will wait for an update 🙂
  5. I cant get the script to work? tried custom and set location - it creates the tiles but wont start?
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