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  1. Am I going to get a response on this or do I chargeback the transaction? This is bs. Running the script now, 15 minutes in I come back and my character is standing there, message 'looks like NPCs are no longer aggressive. Aggression timer must be desynced'. This isn't the first time it has done this either, but 15 minutes in if that? Very disappointed. Still no response to my above query either!
  2. Purchased this script today and so far I am pretty disappointed. I first tried to run it with a cannon... It ran for 10 minutes or so, came back to the PC and the cannon was in my inventory and character just standing there. Plenty of cannonballs left. I then tried to run it using iron knives, it ran from 42-46 range, I came back to my PC and my character was just standing there. Any ideas? I've used your free combat fighter and successfully trained at barbarians for long periods with 0 issues which is why I purchased your script. Any ideas? EDIT: Also should've mentioned that when using the cannon, I assumed that it would aggro crabs. Instead it just stood in the same spot, and waited for the same crab to spawn. Seemed pointless and very slow to me.
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