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  1. Hey there, just curious come across another bug to which the client seems to close itself whether its running or not running bots but has been opened for a long time. Any idea why? Cheers, Jackson W
  2. Its all hit and miss, I started here bought a pro client and lost 2 accounts within 24hrs. Luck of the draw so they say 😛
  3. Awesome that sounds great, thanks for that :). P.S after the update my sacreed eel option with bank option also selected wont actually accept the start button being pressed but other things are fine like minnows etc.. might be something to also pass on look over a few sacred eel codes if proto fixes that up 🙂 thanks very much
  4. Hey there 🙂 is there any chance of getting a cut option added to the pro fisher for sacred eels?
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